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Nepali Dumplings with magical mixture of spices in it is more than a mouth watering item. It reminds mythical streets of Katmandu.


Bhat Tarkari Daal Chatni

Suitable for both dinner and lunch, Rice, Daal (Nepali Soup of liguminous veggies), Regular Veggies / Meat and Picles. 


Bhenda Ko Masu

Its not just Lamb meat, its in fact a masterpiece of Nepalese Meat cooking. You never thought Lamb tastes so much like it.


Samosa Chat

Inspired by Southern Asian food culture, this unique food reminds the hot sunny days of Terai region of Nepal.


About Ravintola Himshikhar !


Ravintola Himshikhar is the perfect choice for
everybody who desire to enjoy the taste of delicious authentic Nepalese food in Helsinki.

We bring the unique cuisine in such a manner that the very originality of the food is preserved and you will be excited to experience a little Nepalese Kitchen here in Finland.

We have overall capacity of hosting around 80 – 85 guests at once in our two-floored eating space.

We believe in quality of service, products and excellent
hospitality that comes straightly from Himalayan corridor.


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